Eric Huffert, REALTOR®

I love Oklahoma. It’s my favorite place.  Plus, it’s God’s Country. I believe everybody should have a chance to own their own home and live out their dreams of being a homeowner.  I have been blessed to represent such a wonderful company in Dillard Cies. The amount of knowledge and talent around me in my peers is top notch, and comes with impeccable service. My priority as your Realtor is to help you find that home or property and to help you live out your dreams. I get to wake up every day and help make others’ dreams a reality for them.  Real Estate, and helping others understand that process, is my passion. Being passionate and loving what I do is what gets me going in the mornings.  I have a servant’s heart and I love helping others. To go out and find your desires in a home or property simply fills my heart with joy. I commit to the process to accomplish the outcome.  I am dedicated to you in finding the right outcome for you.  I have always loved real estate and the transactions involved. Each transaction is unique, and my commitment to you is I will be here with you, for you, through the entire process.  With over a decade of lending, processing, and wholesale experience, I have seen some of the stickiest transactions become a flawless process due to my ability to find quick simple solutions.  Whether you’re ready to buy, sell, or invest, or even just look, let’s get together and put a plan in place to accomplish your goals. The market is out there for you. I can help make the market smaller to meet your needs.  

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After all, my day is based around your goals, your desires, and your dreams.  So, let’s set up a meeting and accomplish them together.  I look forward to smiling with you at your closing. May God bless you today, and each day after.

Office Location: 1203 Brookhaven Blvd. , Norman
Office Phone Number: (405)366-7707

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